A few days ago we showed here a first anticipation that smart has advanced a new concept that will be shown to the public and the press at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. Without any information about it, the image hinted at a project related to sustainable mobility. Well, now the brand has just revealed the new smart Vision EQ Concept. An interesting project with which the German brand intends to show its vision of the shared car in the cities in the future.

Standalone, connected and electric. These are the three main pillars on which the smart Vision EQ Concept was conceived. In the first case, the concept is equipped with the technology necessary to operate autonomously. In the future, according to smart, the autonomous cars will allow to make the use of the shared vehicles in the big cities more accessible, comfortable and efficient.

If we want the Vision EQ Concept to come to our location we will only have to use the smartphone. And as we can see in the pictures, the vehicle will be able to recognize the customer who will collect by showing their image and name on their front panel replacing the conventional grille. In place of the headlights uses LED screens. The same is true for rear lights that may look ‘normal’ or show some useful information for customers and the rest of drivers and pedestrians.

In terms of mechanics, as we have pointed out, the smart Vision EQ Concept is an electric vehicle. It is equipped with a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that allows it more than enough autonomy to operate in urban cores. In addition, it benefits from all the advantages that a 100% electric mechanic receives to circulate.

The concept doors are covered by an intelligent film that can be activated as required. On the front panel, if the vehicle is not busy, it shows information useful to other citizens, such as local events, weather, news of interest or time. It will also allow users to combine car sharing simultaneously.

When two passengers are aboard the smart Vision EQ Concept, the huge 24-inch screen will display information of interest according to the users profile. Sports results and other current issues. For its design, was used as base the smart fortwo of body coupe. The concept measures 2,699 (length) x 1,720 (lattice) x 1,535 (height) mm.


Smart presented to the German market a new and interesting limited edition for the sportiest version of its small urban model. Starting from the base of the new Smart ForTwo and ForTwo Cabrio Brabus, a special edition with the denomination ‘Urbanlava’ appears. A model that presents itself with a look of sinister and sporty air.

In terms of exterior, the new Smart Brabus Urbanlava have different specific details, such as an exclusive paint present on the front spoiler, side skirts, rearview mirror housings, as well as the rear diffuser. Practically all the elements that make up the body kit that wears the Brabus versions.

In addition, the exterior news is completed with a chrome finish exhaust outlet. On the other hand, the interior features a combination of colors matching the exterior. Many finishes and trimmings feature the same specific paint used on the aforementioned bodywork elements.

In the mechanical part is not new. Therefore, the two Smart Brabus Urbanlava, regardless of whether it is the coupe or cabriolet, are equipped with a revised engine to generate 109 hp and 170 Nm maximum torque, coupled with a Twinamic dual-clutch and six-speed transmission, also modified by German coach.

In relation to its price, in Germany the new Smart Brabus ForTwoUrbanlava is available from 17,990 euros, while in the case of Cabrio body, the price rises to 21,990 euros. For now, Smart has not confirmed the number of units that will be on sale or when they will be available.


A few months after the presentation of the new generation of the Smart Fortwo , the cabriolet version now comes on the market. The new Smart Fortwo Cabrio will be presented to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with the small convertible being available for order in November and the first units arriving on the market in February 2016.

At 2,690 mm in length, 1,660 mm wide and 1,550 mm high, the new model continues to be characterized by the retractable roof tritop, with removable roof bars – which can be stored in a separate compartment in the trunk . Available in bargain blue, red and black colors, the fabric cover opens and closes in 12 seconds, regardless of speed, and can be operated from the outside with a button on the switch. The soft-top has an area of ​​1.8 m2 – 4% more than in the previous model -, consisting of a polyacrylic fabric with a mixture of polyester and cotton, as well as a layer of rubber inside. In all the cover has a thickness of 20 mm. The rear window glass of this version is made of glass and is heated.

The new Smart Fortwo Cabrio has a 15% higher torsional stiffness and features structural reinforcements compared to the coupe, including a steel crosshead and two underbody guards as well as a tube inside the high strength steel A-pillars.

The Smart Fortwo Cabrio is equipped with well-known gasoline three-cylinder engines producing 71 and 90 hp, which can be combined with a five-speed manual or dual six-speed Twinamic clutch.

The new Fortwo Cabrio will be available in three levels of equipment – Passion, Prime and Proxy – and features the integration system of the Mirrorlink smartphone, Urban Style pack – which includes a lowered kit and black wheel arches. An optional wind deflector is also available. Among the driver assistance systems, it features state-of-the-art ESP with crosswind assist and uphill support, frontal collision warning and lane maintenance assistant.


The 109 bhp of the new Smart Brabus represents the maximum power available in the brand, as long as we refer strictly to production models. As usual, the world of tuning goes further, and Lorinser is a good example of this. The German preparer already offers a complete program for the small urban.

After passing through the hands of specialists of Lorinser, the turbo engine of 0.9 liters and three cylinders reaches new numbers thanks to a modified electronic management. In the Smart Fortwo the standard power is 90 hp (leaving aside the Brabus version), and thanks to this new ECU, the power increases by another 24 hp and the maximum torque goes up by 45 Nm.

The result is 114 hp at 5,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 180 Nm. This allows the ForFour to reach 184 km / h, while the maximum speed of the Fortwo rises to 168 km / h thanks to the increase in power .

The modifications proposed by Lorinser do not end here, as it also has an aerodynamic kit for the body of the Smart Fortwo that includes a front lower spoiler, side skirts and a rear diffuser. The dual exhaust sport exhaust is in the center position. Also available are a sporty lowered suspension and unique 17-inch alloy wheels in silver or black.

The interior features small touches of sportiness through metal pedals, specific rugs and ‘Lorinser’ logos. A good alternative to the Smart Fortwo Brabus for those who own a standard Fortwo and demand more power accompanied by small doses of sportiness. The price of electronic reprogramming with a new ECU providing the extra 24 cv will be 990 euros with taxes included, price for the German market. The aerodynamic kit did not have its price disclosed.


Do you want to bring a car cover when it snows in winter? How to deal with the car after snowing?

The car cover plays a very big role in our daily car. In the winter snowy days, many cars parked outside will bring the car cover to block the snow. So, do you want to bring the car cover when it snows in winter? How to deal with the car after snowing?

The entire car is useless and harmful to the car, especially for long periods of time.

The car is made of steel and the car is not breathable. The humidity inside the car should be higher than the outside. Does the humidity have any damage to the metal parts? The whole car is covered with any cotton (most half of the car is also covered with cotton), in the winter, it is a little joke to expect that cotton insulation is a little joke, especially the semi-car clothes can also be kept warm, just like a person wears Standing in the snow, the pants are frozen and dead. There will also be damage to the entire car paint. However, it is useful to cover the front windshield with a front windshield cloth. The use is that you should not spend time blowing the glass with hot air in the autumn and winter mornings. Can save you time, save on petrol, and reduce the use of wipers. When choosing, it is better to choose a coated cloth because the coating of the coated cloth is not harmful to the paint.

Snowing indoor parking can be used for car clothing

If you park your car in an indoor area such as a parking lot, you can pack your car and you can protect your car use best car cover for my 2019 mb cla250.

Snowing outdoor parking is best not to pack clothes

Many car owners will buy a car for their car, but it is best not to use the car in case of heavy snow, because the snow will be thick and heavy in one day. When you need to use the car, you will find that It is already difficult to open the car, and even if the car is forcibly taken down, it may damage the car. March is a season with a lot of rain, the sun is also strong, a little careless, maybe the car paint on the car will be injured, the following small series introduces a few things to pay attention to. Although there are shades to prevent UV damage to the paint and the interior, you should also choose trees that don’t have nests and don’t drip gum. It should be known that bird droppings are generally acidic. If they are not cleaned for a long time, the paint surface will crack and fall off. The gum will not be cleaned for a long time, and it may melt into the paint. If it is serious, it will cause cracks, especially white. The car is particularly obvious. You can prepare the cleaning agent (a treasure) with the car. It can be used when necessary to prevent the paint from being corroded. Now the environmental pollution is more serious, the rain is basically weakly acidic, and it has a certain corrosive effect on the paint. Although it is difficult to distinguish the paint change in the short term, after a long time, the body color will be dull. It is best to cover the car cover when the owner of the outdoor parking is not using the car for a long time. Don’t just park in the residential building downstairs, you have to pay attention to whether there is air conditioning outlet above the car, air conditioning water is the paint paint killer, do not pay attention, wait for it to dry and then a few days, it will be whitish, Going to the beauty shop, it is polishing what, and it costs a hundred or two, not worth it. After running back at high speed at night, you should drive in time to wash the car, because your car has been covered with bugs, and it is difficult to clean up when the body is dry.

No2: Choice of car wash shop

Street shop, how to choose a franchise store? Regardless of whether it is a street or a franchise, as long as the following items are good car wash shops, dry towel should be divided into different categories, appearance, interior, door, and glass can not be confused. The car wash tool has a clear division, cleaning the roof, the upper part of the car body, the lower part of the car body, and the wheel hub have special cleaning tools that are separated from each other and do not interfere with each other. If it’s a sponge and a complete car, it won’t be decisive next time.

No3: Daily maintenance of the vehicle

Many car owners think that the new car they just bought doesn’t need to be maintained. Actually, it is not. The new car does not recommend polishing and waxing in the first two or three years, but it is still necessary to use handmade wax. Be aware that every time you polish it, the paint will be a little thinner. If there are no scratches, you don’t need polishing and waxing. Waxing is first of all waterproof, anti-acid rain, reducing the amount of water droplets attached, as well as anti-UV function, slowing down the aging of car paint. However, the protection time is relatively short, and the general cycle is about 3 months. The owner with strong hands-on ability can buy the car wax by himself, and after washing the car, he can save a lot of money by hand-washing wax. The owner who is willing to spend money can also do the lacquer plating and coating. The protection period is long, and the hardness of the plating crystal is high for one to two years, which can prevent most minor scratches, and is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Whether you are car-loving or eager to buy a car, you are recommended to add the public number of the car professor: “gzwcjs”, we will push the latest practical car information every day, keep conveying the spirit of the fans, join us Let’s go. Car clothes are estimated to be familiar to everyone, but there are not many people who use them frequently. A large part of this is because many people don’t understand the details of the clothes. The car is not a simple cover for the car. There are a lot of details to be aware of. Today we will talk about the car clothes and share the details and pros and cons.

This is estimated to be familiar to everyone, but there are not many people who use it frequently. A large part of this is because many people don’t understand the details of the car. The car is not a simple cover for the car. There are a lot of details to be aware of. Today we will talk about the car clothes and share the details and pros and cons. The function of the car is very simple, in order to shield some body damage to the car body, including dust, sand, acid rain, ice and snow, as well as animal manure, which is difficult to clean, and can also prevent artificial damage to the paint surface. In the traditional sense, the car has only the whole car, which is the kind that can wrap the car. After various optimizations, there have been many improvements in function. Nowadays, in addition to the whole car, there are also zippers. Car clothing and partial clothing. In order to compromise the operation and storage problems, a localized garment with a targeted protection part, commonly known as the “snow block”, prevents snow from freezing on the windshield after snowing in winter. The material about the garment is roughly divided into ordinary PVC material, anti-UV coating material and nano material. The simple outline of the function is that the PVC material can meet the dustproof and waterproof function, without more protection function; The coated car coat can simultaneously isolate the ultraviolet rays. In addition to waterproof and dustproof, it can also play a role in heat insulation in the summer. The nano material car clothes also have a bunch of sales words: super-isolated UV, good toughness, good thermal insulation performance, etc. Wait. This article does not currently evaluate the performance of various materials. Today we mainly talk about the basic understanding of the car and the precautions for use, performance, and the effects of various functions, we will use the evaluation data to compare Evaluation.

The inner fabric is also the detail that needs attention. The inner fabric of many garments is rough, which not only can not protect the paint surface, but also bring unnecessary damage to the paint surface. At present, the clothes on the market are generally designed with soft materials in the interior. When choosing, the softer and thicker the better, there is no problem. If you want the paint to be better protected, you can choose to thicken the protective layer. This depends on the individual needs and usage rate. The one described in my article is a medium-thickness protective layer. In short, the softer and softer the better the protection. Like clothes, the clothes are also available in various sizes. They are selected according to the size of the car. Currently, the sellers of the car have a list of models (the standard of different brands of different sizes), and the model of your vehicle before purchase. The name is OK, regular vehicles have matching sizes, and if not, they can be customized according to the size of the vehicle. If you are buying on the e-commerce website, you must pay attention to the choice of vehicle classification, hatchback, sedan, SUV or MPV when you choose. Determine the size of the model and determine the size. Generally, the merchant will have a size chart to find It is directly in line with the model. For example, the car I bought this time is the M model of the sedan, which is suitable for the sedan compact car.

Advantages and disadvantages of with/without door zipper

The traditional car is a large hood without an opening, and there is also a car with a left zipper opening. The two designs have their own advantages and disadvantages in order to easily open the door for taking cover when the car is covered. The advantage of the open-cut garment is that it can protect the car body more comprehensively. There is no break point inside the fabric, but it is more cumbersome for temporarily taking things. It is also necessary to re-open the fixed rope on the left side of the car body and smash the car. Go to the roof to open the door and take things. It is convenient to have a zipper on the side. After the car is completely fixed on the car, the zipper can be opened to open the main driving door. However, this car has two shortcomings: one is that the zipper may be removed in the car. The vehicle is scratched in the paint, and the second is the clothing below 100 yuan. The quality of the zipper is average, and the car is a tool for outdoor use. The zipper damage is a serious problem. If the zipper is broken. The side of the car is not fixed, and the body can not be well protected. If the wind blows the zipper on the car body, it will not be worth the loss.

 Reflective strips are important

When choosing a car, you should first choose a light color. The most common one is silver. This color looks relatively obvious at night. It is also recommended to give priority to reflective strips. This will ensure that the vehicle can give other when staying overnight. Clear instructions for vehicles and pedestrians.

"Do you want to bring a car cover when it snows in winter? How to deal with the car after snowing?"